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The latest news from MDT and material for media representatives

Company news

MDT technologies will publish its new porduct catalogue on 1.10.2023. This will of course include the new black range as well as ...

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The Galaxy is in a state of turmoil: MDT has turned to the dark side. The development, product management and production departments of the leading…

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The German KNX manufacturer MDT technologies has won an additional sales professional with pronounced KNX competency. The 46-year-old industry…

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The new sensor records the outdoor brightness and the outdoor temperature via two sensors and makes the measured values available on the KNX bus.

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MDT at the ISH

It was great to be with you at the ISH - the world's leading trade fair for water, heat and air - in the exhibition halls in Frankfurt am Main.

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The MDT leakage sensor KNX (SCN-LSEN1.01) complements the MDT product range and finds its field of application, for example, in the proximity of under…

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Bright sunshine at the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony at MDT technologies in Engelskirchen, Germany: On March 1, 2023, the mayor of Engelskirchen,…

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MDT technologies receives the Top 100 Award for the 8th time in a row

Always on the pulse of time and the needs of the customers in view: MDT…

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No more bad air during long meetings in the conference room: the new CO2/VOC Combi Sensor from MDT enables demand-oriented ventilation control for…

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The new MDT Energy Meters

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The new visualisation

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KNX at its best

Almost unlimited functional diversity

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Meet the KNXperts

Light & Building again at last! After a break of more than four years, the largest industry meeting of the electrical industry finally opens its doors…

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KNX room temperature controller with style: The KNX manufacturer MDT technologies is launching the 2nd generation of the Glass Room Temperature…

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KNX expert Volker Gagelmann has been the new Head of Region Austria at MDT technologies since May 1st. With 25 years of professional experience in…

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New MDT price list

Valid from April 1st, 2022


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Completely new, yet still recognisable. On 1/3/2022, the KNX manufacturer MDT technologies is presenting its new branding. A modern appearance, which…

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The new KNX Shutter Push Button Smart from MDT brings together all of the information about shading for the user. The function and status (height,…

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We´re excited to present our first team member in UK, Hitesh Vaghela. From now on, he is your Sales contact for all your questions about our products…

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MDT press contact

If you have any requests for information about MDT and our products, PR images or interviews, please feel free to contact our press department:


MDT press and publicity work

Katrin Rosenthal

E-Mail: rosenthal(at)

Telefon: +49 2263 880


About us

MDT is a leading provider of KNX products for the automation of commercial and private buildings. We stand for top quality.

KNX Technologie: Entstehung und Innovation – Alles rund um das Bussystem der Zukunft

KNX technology

KNX is a wired bus system for building automation, which controls areas of the building, links them together and coordinates them with each other.

3D configurator

Virtual worlds – what do the MDT push buttons look like on the wall, and how does the glass range fit into your room? You can test it out here in our 3D configurator.


Our management team is made up of pros in the sector, who together have almost a hundred years of professional experience in building automation.