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MDT Assortment Glass

KNX functionality with style – this is how beautiful technology can be

Our glass range fits into any room environment

Timeless design for your KNX smart home

Whether they are glass push buttons, central operation units or LED displays, with their timeless design the products from our glass range fit in harmoniously with any room concept. The sensor surfaces of our KNX Push Buttons can be assigned various functions. This means that often one push button is enough for an entire room.

Find your personal style! With our MDT Glass Push Button II Lite, you are free to choose the colours of the LEDs. Our MDT Glass Push Button II Smart goes a step further, as you can also design the colours and symbols on the active colour display according to your specifications.

To match the push buttons, we offer glass frames for 55 mm control programs, meaning that, for example, you can also use our attractive glass frames on your sockets. This will give your electrical installation timeless elegance.



Highlights of the MDT Assortment Glass

  • The timeless design of our Glass Push-buttons fits harmoniously into any room environment.

  • Many of the models in our glass range are available with an integrated temperature sensor, meaning there is no need for a stand-alone temperature sensor.

  • A lot of different KNX functions can be assigned to one push-button, for example via the multi-touch function of the MDT Glass Push-button II Lite.

  • The MDT Glass Push-button II Smart, the MDT Glass Central Control Unit Smart and the MDT Glass Push-button II Lite can be individually designed thanks to the LED colour setting options.

  • The smooth glass surface is hygienic and easy to clean.

MDT Glass Push Button II Smart

The first choice for rooms with a wide range of functions

  • Up to twelve functions on two or three levels (2x6 or 3x4 functions)
  • Active colour display for individual symbols and free text, background colour of the display can be adjusted (white or black)
  • Lots of functions: switching, dimming, colour control, shutter control, values
  • Available with temperature sensor for room temperature measurement

MDT Glass Central Control Unit Smart

The heart of your KNX system

  • 20 operating functions (e.g. dimming / shutter / switching / sending values / scenes / temperature control)
  • Including timer switch (20 channels) and temperature sensor
  • Display of indoor / outdoor temperature, target value, time / date
  • Winner of the German Innovation Award 2019

MDT Glass Push-button II Lite

Adjust light easily

  • Different functions for multiple touches and for pressing and holding/briefly pressing the button
  • Slap function, e.g. for central off
  • Switching, dimming, shutter control, values
  • Two RGBW status LEDs per button pair
  • Available in the neutral design or with symbols in various combinations

MDT Glass Push-button Plus

The clear solution

  • All-round orientation light, brightness can be adjusted
  • Functions can be set up as a pair of buttons or on individual buttons
  • Different functions can be triggered by briefly pressing/pressing and holding the button
  • Colour selection for feedback: one white and one red LED per sensor area
  • Cleaning function
  • Available with temperature sensor for room temperature measurement

MDT Glass LED Indicator

Provides a quick overview

  • Quick information, e.g. whether all windows are closed
  • Twelve RGB LEDs that can be switched independently of each other
  • Labelling foil to be inserted under the glass front
  • Notification function (e.g. absent and a window is open)
  • Five statuses can be configured for each LED
  • Brightness can be adjusted in two levels

Glass cover frame assortment 55

The perfect addition to the Glass Push Buttons

  • For example, as a frame for sockets or computer system sockets
  • Single, double or triple frames in black or white
  • 1-fold: 92 mm x 92 mm
  • 2-fold: 92 mm x 163 mm
  • 3-fold: 92 mm x 234 mm
  • Fits the 55 systems

Glass Room Temperature Controller Smart

  • Active colour display to indicate function and status
  • Background colour w / b and display brightness adjustable
  • Display of set and actual temperature
  • For indoor temperature controlling Range -10 to +50 °C
  • Selectable temperature controller (PI, two-position, PWM)
Sortiment 55 – KNX-Technik für Rahmenprogramme – Entdecke die Vielfalt für Dein Smart Home

MDT Assortment 55

The right choice for your switch system: our KNX Plastic Push Buttons from Range 55 can be integrated into lots of control programs from well-known manufacturers.

MDT Garantie

Made in Germany

MDT products are developed and produced in Engelskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Our production in Germany stands for quality and flexibility.

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Choosing between over 300 KNX products is not easy. To help you find what you are looking for quicker, we have created a product finder.

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KNX products from MDT are tailored to provide added value for installers and users. There are many reasons to opt for MDT.