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Switch Actuators AKI industry


The industrial version of the MDT Switch Actuator AKI for large to very large loads is used where particularly high inrush currents are to be expected. The actuator is equipped with bistable relays for currents up to 16/20 A and a C-load up to 200 µF. Thanks to mechanical manual operation, they are particularly suitable for sensitive areas. The channels can also be switched without bus voltage and the switching status is visible at all times.

    • Installation Type: MDRC
    • Application Area: Industry
    • Channels: 4-fold, 8-fold, 12-fold
    • C Load: 200 µF C-Load
    • Ampere: 16/20 A
    • Handcontrol: Yes
    • V230: Yes
    • Device width: 4SU, 8SU, 12SU

    Product features

    • Comprehensive function extension
    • Mechanical manual operation for direct actuation of the relay contact, status visible
    • NO and NC contact operation
    • Status response by manual operation
    • Time functions (switch-on / switch-off delay)
    • Extensive staircase light and impulse functions
    • Extended logic and scene functions for each channel
    • Extended status functions (inverted, cyclic, with lock)
    • Threshold switch (Byte / 2 Byte / 2 Byte float)
    • Hour meter for switching
    • Priority / forced operation with automatic release time
    • 4 mm² / 2 x 2.5 mm² screw terminals. Separate supply phases
    • Power supply via KNX bus
    • Quick application download (long frame support with ETS 5 or higher)
    • Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001
    • 3 year warranty

    Available Variants of this series:


    • Channels: 4-fold
    • Device width: 4SU


    • Channels: 8-fold
    • Device width: 8SU


    • Channels: 12-fold
    • Device width: 12SU


    Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
    From ETS5.7.x
    07/23 V5.1.2.1add to download list
    Productdatabase ETS5/6
    from ETS5.7x
    12/22 V3.2dadd to download list
    Functional overviewadd to download list
    Datasheetadd to download list
    Assembly and operational instructionsadd to download list
    Technical manualadd to download list
    Tender texts
    CAD-drawingadd to download list

    Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
    From ETS5.7.x

    Date: 07/23
    Version: V5.1.2.1

    Download: etsapp add to download list


    Productdatabase ETS5/6
    from ETS5.7x

    Date: 12/22
    Version: V3.2d

    Download: knxprod add to download list

    Functional overview

    Download: pdf add to download list


    Download: pdf add to download list

    Assembly and operational instructions

    Download: pdf add to download list

    Technical manual

    Download: pdf add to download list

    Tender texts

    Download: Link


    Download: zip add to download list

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