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About us

MDT has been developing and producing electrical products for almost 40 years


Up-to-date: New design – trusted quality

A new Brand look for MDT

Modern, fresh but still recognisable We have reworked our corporate design. The clear colours and shapes stand for future orientation and a spirit of innovation – just as we do as a manufacturer of innovative KNX products. Our new slogan goes to the core of MDT and reflects our employees’ passion for KNX: “MDT – your KNXpert”.


We have slightly updated the logo, but the characteristic stripes will remain in a reduced form. You can watch us as we develop the logo and slogan here:



About us

We are the KNXperts

Today, MDT is one of the leading manufacturers of KNX products for the automation of commercial and private buildings. Our company and our employees stand for top quality and user-oriented thinking. With a good 300 different KNX products, we offer one of the most comprehensive KNX product ranges on the market. A wealth of intelligent functions in the products offer the users tangible added value.


The constant further development of our product range guarantees that we always have high-quality and innovative products. We are one of the most innovative SMEs in Germany and, among other things, we have been awarded the TOP 100 innovation prize for German SMEs for the eighth time in a row. Our innovative product range is complemented with first-class support and personal contact with our customers. Our KNXperts would be happy to help you with any questions or problems.



MDT company history

New branding

In recent years, MDT has noticeably grown as a manufacturer of innovative KNX products. In order to strengthen our brand and support the internationalisation of the company, we have modernised our logo and the entire branding. The fresh design and the modern logo are seamlessly tied to their predecessors and therefore guarantee that our brand will be recognised.


Extension to the main building

In order to meet the growing demand for KNX products, we expanded our company headquarters in our native Engelskirchen with an extension, which we put into operation in 2019. The new building has increased production and administration capacity by 50%.


First MDT KNX product range

Since 2009, we have exclusively manufactured KNX products. The first range featured XY products. These included binary inputs with integrated logic function – a combination that had not previously existed in any product. Today, we continue to bring new, innovative products to the market.


New company name

The brand name of our working memory was increasingly equated with the company name, which is why we decided to officially change the company’s name from MCI to MDT technologies in 2005.


Flexible working memory production

Computer production was discontinued at the end of 1996. From then onwards, we exclusively produced working memory for PCs. During this phase, our extremely flexible production processes were established because the company aimed for an order placed in the morning to be delivered the same evening.



Today, MDT is known as a manufacturer of leading KNX products. However, MDT had already been operating in the electrical and electronics market for more than 25 years before it started producing KNX components. Since our foundation in 1983, we had produced personal computers and working memory trading under the name MCI.



MDT as a driving force of innovation

We always have our finger on the pulse of the market

The founding idea behind the MDT KNX range emerged on a private building site: “A KNX actuator like this must be able to do more!”. This was followed by laborious development, after which our own first KNX range was launched onto the market. To this day, the core idea of offering the user more functionality runs throughout the entire product range at MDT.


We have put together a selection of products, which when launched contained new functions that had never before been available on the KNX market.


07/2022 Glass Room Temperature Controller with automatic setpoint reduction based solar radiation
06/2022 Combi sensor for measuring the CO2 and mixed gas concentration (VOC), room temperature and relative humidity.
09/2021 Shutter Push-button Smart with astro timer and color display
05/2021 Push-button II Light suitable for swiss switch program (60mm) with innovative group control and multiple operation
04/2021 AKU 3rd generation 4/8/16/24-fold universal actuator with sun position calculation
04/2020 Binary inputs 2nd generation with extensive counter function, innovative group control and multiple actuation
05/2019 Glass Push-button II Lite with innovative group control and multiple operation
12/2018 Glass Central Operation Unit Smart with automatic calculation of public holidays
03/2018 Push-button Smart 86 in plastic white shiny finsh with active coloured display and mechanical keys with tactile pressure point
03/2018 Flush mounted Shutter Actuator with practical ventilation function and sun position calculation
01/2017 Line Coupler with security to block the access from subline
08/2016 Glass Push-button II Smart with actice display and individual loadable icons
03/2016 Shutter Actuators with integrated ventilation function and sun position calculation
05/2015 Redundant Bus Power Supply to increase operation reliability
04/2015 IP Interface with email and time server function, no external power supply required
03/2014 Delivery of the first KNX RF+ system mode devices
2/2014 KNX LED Controller for RGB/RGBW LED lights with HSV color control (true color dimming)
10/2012 Glass Push-button 4/8-fold Plus with labeling film
03/2012 20-fold Switching Actuator, lower costs per channel and up to 40% more space in current distribution boards
03/2012 Introduction of the KNX RF+ system mode prototype devices at L&B Frankfurt 2012 (later on specified by the KNX Association)
08/2011 Heating Actuator with integrated temperature controller
12/2010 Dimming Actuator for dimmable 230V LED lights
07/2009 Binary input with integrated logical functions

Award-winning innovations

MDT always has its finger on the pulse and considers customer needs, MDT is one of the most innovative German SMEs. We were awarded the German Brand Award in 2018, the German Innovation Award in 2019 and in 2023 we were awarded the TOP 100 innovation prize for German SMEs for the eigth time in a row.


Work at MDT

Do you have a passion for building automation and products that still need to be developed? Then you are just right for us. Join the KNXperts team!

MDT Garantie

Made in Germany

MDT products are developed and produced in Engelskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Our production in Germany stands for quality and flexibility.

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MDT glass range

Always a good choice! With its timeless design, our glass range fits in with any room environment and offers a wealth of functions.